Third Italian training in Rome : Defining a CSR strategy

Best practices in procurement, communication, and marketing: This is what Italian SMEs were trained to on April 7 and 8. Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Sistemi Formativi Confindustria joined forces to welcome SMEs in Rome for an extensive training on key topics last April. The first day was dedicated to sharing and learning about best practices and case studies of sustainable tourism, while on the second day three thematic workshops were presented in parallel to help companies to identify own priorities for action in their corporate sustainability plan.

Teaching SMEs about best practices aimed at making them aware of the opportunities for the innovative development of sustainable tourism practices, to disseminate and replicate the results of TOURISME, and to share and dialogue with businesses in order to reason at the same level on the importance of the sustainability of the tourism offer, especially in the phase of relaunching tourism after the pandemic period.

The 3 workshops that were organized on the 2nd day covered transversal issues : Green procurement in the tourism sector, Corporate social responsibility and sustainable reporting , Green marketing and green communication in the tourism sector. Each SME attended a workshop, where trainers explored the sustainable practice with examples of practical solutions. The discussion led the target group in sharing of ideas, suggestions and solutions. Based on this discussion, many of the SMEs have developed an awareness of the type of measure they were interested in implementing, and in defining the practical aspects, identify the priority tools, roles, time, resources needed to implement the sustainable practice in their business.