The final Italian matchmaking event took place in Puglia

Our partner Sistemi Formativi Confindustria organised the last Italian matchmaking event in Bari, Puglia on 22 and 23 March 2023, attracting more than 25 SMEs.

The two-days matchmaking event aimed to gather knowledge on how SMEs communicate their sustainability plans and how they are perceived by customers but also to compare themselves with best practices at local and European level, and to explore new opportunities to be inspired and improve their entrepreneurial green marketing plan. Participants were asked to consider different customer profiles and meet with a “mystery client” to assess how the sustainability and the green certification process is perceived by the client (investment and green marketing vs. green washing).

The first day revolved around sustainable and certified tourism products and began with a presentation by Condè Nast about their sustainability plan, examining green marketing practices and customer perceptions. Entrepreneurs from BORGO PIGNANO and DRAKE BAY GETAWAY showcases their innovative tourism vision, Green Marketing best practices, and Certified Tourism Products. As this matchmaking event aimed to provide TouriSME SMEs with an immersive experience in sustainable tourism, SFC selected Masseria Montenapoleone, an accommodation facility, and asked owner Giuliano Monteneve to present the resort’s sustainability plan. The visit, which ended this first day, focused on integrated production systems and the integration of technological and cultural aspects for the sustainability of the Masseria. The solutions included photovoltaic systems, 0-kilometer catering, and water purification systems.

The second day focused on sustainable tourism business across the different accommodation sectors. In the morning, Stefano Soglia, Marketing, Communication & Destination Manager, discussed the impact of tourism and strategies to differentiate green tourism. He emphasized the importance of sustainability as a path for companies, involving consumers and stakeholders. The morning session ended with case studies by Andrea Agazzani from OSPITALITA’ NATURA and Monica Price from ACTIVE ITALY, who presented networks of enterprises engaged in promoting and supporting sustainable tourism. The SMEs then took part to a collaborative workshop on critical analysis of different communication models.