What is Tourisme about?


This page contains multimedia content which reflects the capacity building and training phase of the project, and which also gives visibility to the beneficiary SMEs by highlighting their motivation, objectives and journey towards better environmental management in general. The periodic podcasts which are available for listening on demand contain interviews with experts in the field of environmental management, tourism and certification, project partners and news on the milestones and achievements of the project


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Turiart | Interview in Valencia

Dyadya Vanya | Interview in Valencia

Enjoying Horses | Interview in Valencia

Warq Tourism | Interview in Valencia

Aloha Turia | Interview in Valencia

MuMA Hostel & Hotel Village Suvaki | Interview in Tenerife

MuMA Hostel & Hotel Village Suvaki | Interview in Tenerife

La Tinaia & Sisley | Interview in Tenerife

Genuine Spain & Saracen Hotel | Interview in Tenerife