Sustainable tourism at the heart of this year’s European Tourism Day

The European Tourism Day took place on 5 May 2023, with the Twin transition as its key topic. The event aimed at transforming EU tourism, assessing Transition Pathway implementation, and engaging stakeholders.

European Tourism Day 2023 aimed to discuss the impact of the pandemic on tourism and explore opportunities for the future. The event focused on sustainability, digitalization, and skill development within the sector, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. EURADA, an association of regional development agencies, provided knowledge exchange and best practices for regional development agencies. Key speakers included Karima Delli, the European Parliament’s rapporteur on tourism, who presented the European agenda for tourism, advocating for legislation to promote sustainable tourism, and supporting multi-modal tickets and regulatory frameworks. Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, emphasized the need to preserve the quality of tourism and make it more accessible and sustainable. The event also addressed the transition pathway for tourism, focusing on innovation, cooperation, and adaptability. Data governance, data sharing, and technical infrastructure were also discussed, highlighting challenges and opportunities in planning, resource management, personalized services, and customer experiences.

Besides, the event highlighted the importance of sustainable tourism services, destinations, and collaboration in the circular economy. Education, passion, and youth empowerment were emphasized as drivers of sustainability. Skill development and staff shortages were addressed, with strategies such as European collaboration, traineeships, and improving hospitality conditions. By embracing new technologies, promoting sustainable practices, and investing in skill development, the European tourism sector can thrive in a post-pandemic world while safeguarding natural and cultural resources.