The Future of Tourism Coalition will settle in Malaga

The City Council of Malaga, and other institutional buildings, will be the new headquarters of the Future of Tourism Coalition (FTC), an alliance between 6 NGOs that aim at steering a momentum towards more sustainable tourism.

The FTC is based on 13 guiding principles that will forge a sustainable tourism for the post COVID-19 recovery. The movement is open to a broad range of tourism stakeholders who can sign the chart and commit to work towards achieving these 13 principles: Academias, government agencies, businesses, associations, NGOs, and others. So far, our beneficiaries ALOHA TURIA and GenuineSpain have taken the pledge!

By welcoming the FTC in its premises, the City of Malaga ensures a strategic advantage, as it will also provide a hub for broader project activity in Spain, while it also reinforces its position as a leading destination on sustainable tourism, after it was elected as the European Capital of Smart Tourism in 2020. The FTC will also help Malaga shape a workplan for 2023-24 and beyond.

Source: TravelTomorrow