The French SMEs to start their journey of improving their environmental performances

The 15 selected SMEs from France are about to attend their first training module provided by L’institut Paris Region and external experts is to take place from 21 to 23 March.

During the same week, when the Italian beneficiary SMEs would have their first two training modules, the Parisian “Maison du Zero Dechet” will welcome the 15 SMEs who were selected in the framework of the TOURISME project. They will benefit from a 3 days long training covering the essential environmental management aspects. 

During the 3 days, the representatives of the SMEs would be guided through a series of aspects of environmental management in form of workshops and presentations. Starting with an introduction to the essentials of sustainable tourism and the carbon footprint of tourism activities, the participants would continue with a workshop which should allow them to reflect and assess their practices and impacts. The next day, various aspects of environmental management would be addressed, such as energy consumption, waste production, mobility and more. Circular economy in general will play an important role that day. The 3rd day will allow the participants top share the results of their self-assessment workshops and lay down a plan for the actions they would take. The training will end with a study visit to a local beneficiary in Paris.

The presentations and workshops will be given and moderated by a set of experts in the field of environmental management and circular economy. Namely, Marion Tillet and Maxime Kayadjanian on behalf of the French project partner and reference point for French SMEs, as well as Dominique Riou, an engineer at the transport-mobility department. External experts also include Franziska Barnhusen, a project manager for renovation and energy transition and Madeleine Noeuveglise, a sustainable urban design and building project manager, both of the Paris Region Energy and Climate Agency. Vincent Gollain would contribute, too, on behalf of the Economic Development Department.