TOURISME’s best practices shared during EISMEA’s online workshop

The EISMEA online workshop, which took place on 29 September, gathered all the representatives of projects funded by EISMEA under the call “Boosting sustainable tourism development and capacity of tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation.

The TOURISME’s Project Coordinator, Consulta Europa, attended the online workshop organised by the EISMEA to share best practices of TOURISME and lessons learnt with the experience of SME beneficiaries involved in the project. The event was attended by other sister projects funded under the same call for proposals. The online workshop had the objective to share the best practices about third party financing support with the EC.

A representative of TOURISME beneficiaries – the travel agency Turiart from Spain was be present at the workshop and shared their experience and feedback on the third party financing support received by the EC through the project. Finally, the project’s Coordinator also showed a video testimony from our SME beneficiaries Genuine Spain and Saracen Hotel from Italy. You can re-watch the testimonies on TOURISME YouTube channel here.