TouriSME will be presented during EuroEmotur kick-off meeting!

Consulta Europa, lead partner of TouriSME, will attend the sister’s project meeting on 23 March to promote TouriSME’s activities.

As Euroemotur will have a similar structure as TouriSME, Michelle Perello from Consulta Europa will present an overview of the project, and explain the SMEs activities into details, from the selection to the different trainings that were held, including the support provided for the certification process. She will also reflect on the different opportunities that arose from the project, and the different challenges the consortium had to face, especially regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Euroemotur, which was presented during our webinar dedicated to communication, is a new project that focus on upscaling digital innovation in tourism SMEs. The objective is to help 100 SMEs customizing the visitors experience through new technologies, improve their marketing with the use of neuromarketing techniques, and draft new products, services, and business models. Initially, a thorough initial analysis will be carried out by using digital tools related to neuromarketing. Euroemotur will then set up a digital hub. The SMEs are yet to be selected during open calls, with one opening soon. Once the SMEs list will be completed, they will undergo several trainings and workshops on different topics. Selected SMEs will benefit from a 10 000€ grant to carry out the planned activities and reach their objectives.

To be informed on the upcoming calls, we advise you to visit Euroemotur’s website and subscribe to their newsletter and social medias.