TouriSME next matchmaking will happen in Puglia!

The next matchmaking event of TouriSME is to take place in Italy, in Bari, on 22 and 23 March. This session, which will focus on green marketing and sustainable tourism, will be coupled with a physical partner meeting.

Sistemi Formativi Confindustria is in charge of the organization of the event, which is expected to greet over 30 companies from countries. It will be divided in two sessions: The first one will take place on 22 March in the afternoon, where SMEs will find out more about customer perception and experience, market scenarios, and be offered a study visit of the place that will host the meeting: the Masseria Montenapoleone. The second session will be held on 23 March in the morning and will aim at providing the SMEs with concrete case studies on corporate social responsibility.

On their end, partners will come together to discuss the final months of the project, now that SMEs activities are coming to an end, the time will be for reporting and creating final publication: Guidelines for enhanced sustainability in tourism SMEs. This publication will aim at providing practical insights of the outcome of the project, by summarizing the capacity building phase and the trainings that were provided to the beneficiary SMEs, with contributions and comments from the experts that were involved in these trainings. As such, these guidelines will not only highlight the project’s success but also boost the replication of the project’s practices.