Tourisme brings together international businesses in Madrid to face the challenges of sustainable tourism


During the 17th and 18th of January, the Canary Islands Institute of Technology held the last Tourisme international event in Spain. Over 70 assistants gathered for the training activities, the matchmaking event, and the visit to FITUR 2023, one of the biggest international tourism fairs in the world. This is the largest Tourisme event held so far, with representatives from Spain, France, and Italy.

Topics such as water and residue management, circular economy models for touristic businesses, or energy efficiency were already displayed during previous training. This time, our SMEs have worked on a strategic plan to start pursuing sustainability on their own, while projecting their experiences and knowledge. This document not only integrated all the contents taught previously, but it also gave place to a helpful strategy for every organization. To achieve great results, all SMEs were divided into groups, depending on their experience in sustainability promotion, in order to facilitate teamwork too. The final products were specific guidelines that will add value and minimize risk for the company in the future.

Alongside the working plan, the participants could take part in workshops focused on sustainable business management. To deepen into great examples and good practices, we also visited different successful businesses that put sustainability into practice. In this case, we learned about Mo de Movimiento, SleepNAtocha, and TRIPLE, which were all in the Madrid urban area. Outside Madrid, our beneficiaries took an insight into Bodega Tierra Calma, in San Martín de Valdeiglesias.

As we previously did, we arranged another matchmaking event with over 70 participants that had a unique opportunity to share their respective experiences and good practices. Talking about success, we must mention two Spanish beneficiaries that could disseminate their good practices through Tourisme during these last months. The first one is Grupo Los Telares, a family business located in La Gomera that offers rural experiences; they shared their good practices in an event held in Paris by L’Institut Paris Region. The second one is Canarian Hospitality, a hotel management company from Gran Canaria that took part in Ecomondo Italia, one of the largest fairs for innovation and sustainability. 

This Tourisme event was broadly followed by over 70 participants from different countries that traveled to Madrid during those days. In fact, we received 16 French companies, another 16 from Italy, and 17 businesses came from different parts of Spain. Additionally, a delegation of members from the ITC arranged everything and took care that everyone had a fruitful experience. On the last day, we all joined FITUR 2023. There, all the beneficiaries could keep forging strategic matches for their sustainability and competitiveness, while also learning from the latest trends in the tourist industry.

A year after the first Tourisme training activity, this fourth and final event in Spain has supposed great learning for everyone involved in the project. We will see each other in March for the closing event of the project. There we will be able to display specific results and metrics that measure the impact of Tourisme on the beneficiary’s businesses so far.

If you want to learn more about Tourisme and the activities celebrated by its consortium, you will find all the information on the main page.

The workshop allowed our SMEs to forge a working plan to pursue sustainability in their businesses
Our beneficiaries enjoyed different visits to companies that are known for their sustainable actions