The World Economic Forum’s 10 principles for sustainable destinations

The World Economic Forum has published a whitepaper, produced by its Global Future Council on Sustainable Tourism. This paper is addressed to guide policymakers, businesses and destination management companies to implement changes for a sustainable future. The paper stresses, among other, that sustainable and effective destination management protects both the business and the place that rely on travel industry.

The 10 principles cover the following measures: Ensuring a scientific monitoring, cultivating workforce, prioritizing communities, aligning visitors, protecting heritage, protecting nature, producing and consuming in a responsible way, calibrating infrastructures, governing effectively, and embedding resilience. All 10 principles are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Every principle is divided in sections names “principle definition”, “the need”, “the reset path”, “behavior change”, “case studies and best practices”, and presents a table including relevant tools, resources and research.

While all TouriSME beneficiaries are already very actively working on the proposed principle 7 “Produce and consume responsibly”, many SMEs also active on other principles such as: Nature protection, principle 6, in heritage protection, principle 5, and some SMEs are also committed to working hand in hand with local communities, standing for principle 3 “Prioritize communities”

Read the white paper here, and discover our beneficiary SMEs here.