The Steering Committee met for defining what the autumn and winter would look like for the project


The eight project partners met online on 15 September in order to review the activities which took place in spring and determine the timeline and objectives for the months to come until the end of 2022.

After the summer months and a break in terms of activities, the TOURISME project is entering its final phase before it ends in June 2023. The Steering Committee meeting which took place online on 15 September was a perfect occasion for both looking back and forward at what had been done and what is yet to come.

Nearly all the relevant partners – Institut Paris Region, Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the Institute of Technology of the Canary Islands, Sistemi Formativi Confindustria and the Nicosia Development Agency have one or two sets of trainings to provide to the beneficiary SMEs. Most of the dates were confirmed during the meeting. It was also announced that some trainings would coincide and be merged with major events in Europe, such as Ecomondo in Italy. Some appearances at major conferences were announced, too, such as the one at FITUR – the International Tourism Fair in Madrid in January 2023.

ACR+ also announced its presence at the training sessions in Valencia and Paris which would boost the communication activities and the participation of the beneficiary SMEs in dissemination activities. A set of videos and podcasts are planned for the autumn and winter of 2023 which would round up and summarise the previously mentioned training sessions and the lessons learnt by these SMEs.

The next Steering Committee will take place on 10 November at Ecomondo fair in Rimini, Italy, during a rather busy three days of trainings and matchmaking events.