ITC staff attends the X International Tourism Forum Maspalomas Costa Canaria


Some members of the Canary Island Institute of Technology attended virtually the X International Tourism Forum Maspalomas Costa Canaria to learn about the latest developments in the sector, as well as its current trends.

The event took place on the 17th and 18th of November in one of the most touristic areas of the Canary Islands Archipelago, Maspalomas. After ten editions and over 1.100 in-person assistants, this is one of the biggest events of its kind in Spain, marking such a special occasion to keep enriching TOURISME’s purpose with new knowledge to share with our beneficiaries.

This edition put the focus on the future of tourism and its challenges. One of these is the sustainability in the short-term of the sector. To portray the chances of developing new business models and ensure new ways of traveling while also taking care of the planet, the forum arranged almost 20 different activities. 

On the first day, our team also could learn at a round table about the current tourism trends and how the pandemic has shaped them. After that, a master class regarding the importance of fostering sustainable tourism which was conducted by Mr. Luigi Cabrini, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, took place.

This was the perfect chance to enhance how sustainability is the way to go for SMEs in order to take care of the planet while increasing their competitiveness. Later, the Tourinews Awards: “Inspiration for the Future ” were awarded to identify, acknowledge, and disseminate those businesses, professionals, and organizations that have set an example in the past or in the present.

For the second day, various round tables and conversations took place regarding economic perspectives, digitalization, and the well-being of the residents of touristic areas, among many other topics.

This forum has offered many working tools to keep enriching our beneficiary’s experience to pursue sustainability as their business model. The dynamics, projects, and ideas will help us to ensure our SME’s commitment by the fourth and last Tourisme training and matchmaking event with the Spanish beneficiaries in January 2023.