Discover our new podcasts on the project’s lessons

TouriSME’s partners, external experts and beneficiary SMEs joined forces to create podcasts to bring to you all they know on sustainability in the tourism sector!

As a part of the project’s efforts to capitalise and exploit all the knowledge, skills and new capacities acquired throughout the project’s lifetime, ACR+ recorded a series of podcasts which will now serve as a testimony for all of it. Speakers include not only those directly involved on the project but also a number of external experts, practitioners, policy officers and other stakeholders who are nevertheless representing a great share of importance in making tourism processes more sustainable.

Recorded over a 2 months period towards the end of the project, each interview covers a previously defined topic and goes from the early beginnings of the project and its underlying motivations and inspirations until the first beneficiary SME obtaining an environmental label. Certain interview will also reflect on the role of local and regional authorities, development agencies and the support they are giving to SMEs to improve their competitiveness.

More than 10 podcasts will be made available for listening in the project website’s multimedia section