Consulta Europa held a webinar to guide SMEs on financial aspects

On Friday 16 December, Consulta Europa addressed beneficiaries regarding financial aspects, as the end of the project is nearing.

Close to 40 participants took part to this meeting, which has been recorded and will be put at the SMEs disposal. The webinar was divided into 3 main parts: one on the training activities, one on the matchmaking activities, and one on the certification activities. In fact, the SMEs’ budget is divided into 3 vouchers, related to these categories.

SMEs benefitted from a reminder on what costs are eligible and are not under every voucher, and were given an update on budget flexibility. As the project started in 2019, a few SMEs could not attend to trainings and matchmaking abroad as they meant too, resulting in underspending funds. Exceptionally, unspent budget will be dedicated to certification activities. SMEs were reminded that activities would end by the end of March, and that as such, they should provide all necessary documents to the partners by this date.

Consulta Europa also used this opportunity to promote the next events: The Matchmaking in Madrid, on 17 and 18 January 2023, organised by ITC, in conjunction with FITUR, and the last matchmaking in Italy, which will take place at the end of March, in Fasano, on 22 and 23 March 2023, organised by SFC. Partners were also present to answer the SMEs’ questions on these 2 upcoming and last events.