Travel sustainably in Cyprus, France, Italy and Spain!

You are concerned about the environment and want to travel in a more responsible way: If this sentence describes you well, we have something for you!
We are pleased to introduce our interactive map to you, listing our 65 beneficiary SMEs located in 4 dream destinations: France, Italy, Spain and Cyprus. What’s in it for you? An extensive list of responsible hotels, travel agencies, short stay accommodations and many more. Open the map, check your destination, and let it guide you through the available addresses in the area!

Choosing a TouriSME beneficiary for your next trip will ensure you to decrease your impact on the environment, but also to help local communities! Besides this aspect, shifting to green tourism will not only award these companies for their hard work transitioning, but also encourage more companies to adopt best practices.

If you want to know more about what makes our SMEs special, you can find out more in the compendium of TouriSME’s best practices.