TouriSME supports SMEs in communicating their sustainability actions

On 2 February 2023, ACR+ and Consulta Europa organised a webinar aimed at helping beneficiary SMEs better communicate their corporate social responsibility (CSR). This webinar was also open to sister projects, and gathered 20 participants.

Since 2020, 65 SMEs joined TouriSME and committed to working hard on their sustainable practices. However, challenges were arising in communicating about it and highlighting their efforts, and this question would be a recurring one during TouriSME physical meetings. Thus, ACR+ offered to co-organise a webinar to help SMEs boost their communication. As the beneficiaries tend to be small to micro enterprises, the presentation gave very simple and affordable tips on how to build a communication strategy. These tips can be applied to communication in overall. 

In order to give concrete examples, 2 beneficiary SMEs also held a presentation. The first one was Los Telares, who explained how they communicate with their clients, stressing the importance of digital tools and of clear and concise communication. Anna, who is part of this family business, gave us a tour of the website and of the different ways they have to engage their clients in sustainable practices. Pilar from Palma with Pilar then provided the audience with feedback from her certification process, as this SME became the 1st labelled SME as part of TouriSME, and how she raises awareness among her clients.

The webinar ended with a presentation of Euroemotur project who attended the webinar as well as SUSTOUR. Euroemotur, whose activities are about to start, aims at boosting the uptake of digitalisation and innovation by tourism SMEs ! The call for participant will open soon, to make sure you don’t miss it, check out their website and follow them on social media !