Institut Paris Région proudly broadcasts the project’s results in a Note Rapide.

In october, our partner Institut Paris Région dedicated one of its ‘Note rapide” to the results of the TouriSME project, including key elements of sustainable tourism in the Ile de France region.


Among others, the Institut Paris Région, of which Institut Paris Région is part, carries out studies, surveys and research on urban planning and development in the Ile-de-France region, and publishes the results in its concise and public ‘Note Rapide” format. In October, they dedicated one of these to TouriSME, and more specifically to sustainable tourism and its growing importance.

At the end of 2022, which was a key period of recovery for tourism, the Ile de France region, where Paris is located, has regained its place in the top 5 global tourist destinations. The note highlights the need to support businesses in the broadest sense for a successful ecological transition.

At the beginning of the project, our partner Scuola superiore Sant’Anna developed a form, which was then shared with tourism SMEs located in Cyprus, France, Italy and Spain, and then analysed the 256 responses that were obtained. The aim of the study was to identify the good practices in place in these SMEs. At the end of October, Institut Paris Région reported on these results, the trends and the obstacles, in order to inspire French companies in the tourism sector. The Note rapide focuses on the 6 objectives that French companies have set themselves, namely: To raise staff awareness of eco-responsible behaviour, to raise customer awareness without making them feel guilty, to develop a “sustainable” and desirable offer, to attribute regenerative values to sustainable tourism, to eco-design its website, and to communicate wisely on social networks.

Discover the Note Rapide dedicated to Tourism in English here, and in French here.