A training and workshop took place in Nicosia on sustainable future in Cyprus Tourism

A training along with a workshop was held in Nicosia Cyprus in January 2023 with topic “Sustainable future in Cyprus Tourism. In the training participated SMEs in tourist accommodation and mainly in agrotourism.          

The main topics of training involved Sustainability in Tourism Sector in Cyprus , exchange of experiences and practices and discussion of sustainable future in Cyprus. As the training was conducted in a form of a workshop the main goal was the exchange of ideas and practices specifically in tourist accommodation and the discussion of future planning in order to increase sustainable performance. All participants had the opportunity to express their experience in regards to sustainable practices and at the same time they discussed their concerns about future planning and implementation.

It is also worth noting that the training was focused on how Cyprus-based businesses of the tourism sector perceive, understand and apply the concept of corporate social responsibility, and how they determine their CSR priorities. The paper “The Cyprus Tourism Sector And The Sustainability agenda 2030” by A.Antonaras was presented and discussed in order to assist organizations of the tourism sector to be better aware of the current challenges and to set their priorities in aligning CSR-related activities to the global Sustainable Development Goals.

As per all SME’s feedback the training was interesting and interactive as it was conducted face to face. They had the opportunity to meet other SME’s operating in the same industry and exchange their ideas and practices. It was also productive that the participants had the chance to express their concerns and difficulties to the experts. In general, the workshop was successful as the participants were involved in the training and were able to communicate their challenges on a variant of topics.